Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings

Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve and the holiday season is at its best. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for this year’s accomplishments and wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

On behalf of the RC team, Zone 15, Matti Honkala, RC

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New members will vitalize the club

If every Rotarian would give a new year promise to invite at least one guest next year we would no doubt get many new members. Because all guests at Rotary meetings can be regarded as possible new members. And we need new members to vitalize the clubs. So go for it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Membership at PETS

Now all DGEs are busy planning for their PETS. It is important that membership is given time at the PETS, so I urge you who are DMC to talk to your DGE and tell her/him that you are prepared to give a session on membership at the PETS.
One important issue is to make incoming presidents realize how much clubs will benefit from having an active membership committée. There is a club membership manual available under this link. It contains a lot of good stuff.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best membership practices /PDG Heikki Helevuo

Here is one three step system:

1.Every club member looks through his/hers own contacts for new potential member candidates and reports his/hers findings to clubs membership committee.

2.Membership committee takes contact to the candidate and makes the marketing. The committee also investigates the interest of the possible candidate to be a member of a rotary club.

3.The interested candidates are called to a meeting, where the committee members tell more about rotary and the meeting ends to a discussion.

The other one is somehow similar:

1.Membership committee lists potential member candidates in the locality using a list of local companies and institutions.

2.Membership committee sends to potential member candidates an invitation letter to a meeting, where the committee members tell more about rotary and the meeting ends to a discussion.

3.By the end of the meeting the participants can tell if they interested to come members.