Friday, December 24, 2010

Season's Greetings

Tonight we celebrate Christmas Eve and the holiday season is at its best. We want to take this opportunity to thank you for this year’s accomplishments and wish you and your loved ones a peaceful and relaxing holiday.

On behalf of the RC team, Zone 15, Matti Honkala, RC

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

New members will vitalize the club

If every Rotarian would give a new year promise to invite at least one guest next year we would no doubt get many new members. Because all guests at Rotary meetings can be regarded as possible new members. And we need new members to vitalize the clubs. So go for it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Membership at PETS

Now all DGEs are busy planning for their PETS. It is important that membership is given time at the PETS, so I urge you who are DMC to talk to your DGE and tell her/him that you are prepared to give a session on membership at the PETS.
One important issue is to make incoming presidents realize how much clubs will benefit from having an active membership committée. There is a club membership manual available under this link. It contains a lot of good stuff.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Best membership practices /PDG Heikki Helevuo

Here is one three step system:

1.Every club member looks through his/hers own contacts for new potential member candidates and reports his/hers findings to clubs membership committee.

2.Membership committee takes contact to the candidate and makes the marketing. The committee also investigates the interest of the possible candidate to be a member of a rotary club.

3.The interested candidates are called to a meeting, where the committee members tell more about rotary and the meeting ends to a discussion.

The other one is somehow similar:

1.Membership committee lists potential member candidates in the locality using a list of local companies and institutions.

2.Membership committee sends to potential member candidates an invitation letter to a meeting, where the committee members tell more about rotary and the meeting ends to a discussion.

3.By the end of the meeting the participants can tell if they interested to come members.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roray information and services from RC team

If nothing happens in the clubs, nothing will happen in Rotary. The future growth and development of Rotary can only happen in the clubs, in strong and active clubs. Many clubs will need support from their district to become strong and active. Therefore Rotary International has appointed Rotary Coordinators who have been trained to give support to the districts in this important job. There is one Rotary Coordinator (RC) appointed for each zone and the RC has a team of three assistants. In our zone 15 my team members are Christina Bredin, Britta Wallgren and Risto Muinonen.

The Rotary Coordinator team is there to support you. We are ready to come to your seminars, PETS, district assemblies, or any other event to give a speech, lead a discussion group and cooperate with you according to your wishes. We are all on Skype, so you can easily give us a call when you need a discussion partner.

The topics we cover are: New generations, Membership development, Strengthening of clubs,Club leadership plan, Strategic planning, Goal setting for clubs,Starting new clubs, and PR activities.

On our Rotary Coordinator blog you will find useful information and links. So sign up to become a Follower. We want to keep in touch with you.

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Monthly E-Newsletter for Rotary Leaders from RRFC Zone 15 Matti Wall

Your governor training in San Diego is just behind the corner. I suppose you have began your planning for your Governor year 2011-2012 with meetings and other preparations for your year as governors. Our Rotary Foundation is an important part of what you will deal with the coming Rotary year, and I would like to remind you of a few points to bear in mind during your preparations:
1. When you set the foundation goals for your district in San Diego, try to increase a little bit from the goals your predecessor set. You can discuss with present DG and your DRFC, see what the results in your districts have been the last years and then make up your mind as to what figures should be your goals. You can also ask your ARRFCs and get advice from them. You can find your ARRFC on the left side of this sheet.
2. I hope your goals would include
I. Try to find one new Major Donor
II. You would include Polio 200 million Challenge at least one PHF from each club
3. Make sure that you involve or at least inform your present DGN about your goalsetting.
4. Be aware of the four different funds:
1. Polio
2. Annual Programs Fund - VERY IMPORTANT
3. Peace Centers
4. Permanent Fund
5. Make yourself familiar with the foundation - OUR foundation - and see how the figures increase during the year, and try to be familiar with the webpage, member access.
The hole letter is available at:

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Polioproject in Afghanistan 2010-2013

It is my great pleasure to inform you that the Foreign Ministry of Finland has approved our application for further polio eradication program in Afghanistan during the years 2011-13 and the grants are as follows: Year 2011: 150 000 euros, year 2012: 300 000 euros and year 2013: 350 000 euros, altogether 800 000 euros. The requirement is that the Finnish districts (through Finlands Rotary) provide at least 15 % of the total sum.

Poliohanke Afganistanissa 2011-2013

Ulkoministeriön vastikään julkaistun tiedotteen mukaan Suomen Rotary:lle on myönnetty tämän vuoden hankkeemme jatkoksi vuosille 2011-2013 yhteensä 800000 euroa Afganistanin Poliohankkeen toteutusta varten. Avustus jakautuu siten, että ensimmäiselle vuodelle myönnettiin 150000, toiselle 300000 ja kolmannelle 350000 euroa. Omarahoitusosuutemme on 15% hankkeen kokonaissummasta.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rotary Seminar New Generations, Aalborg, Denmark October 7, 2010

At the Council on Legislation in April in Chicago a Fifth Avenue, New Generations was adopted. The aim of this Seminar had several goals. To suggest some ideas to create topics on which Guidelines for this new Avenue can operate. To get inputs from the participants to get some basics for these New Guidelines. And get examples of how
cooperations between the four Youth Programs are already in function.

The future for Rotary lies in attracting the young generation. There is a fear that “old Rotary” and NGA already became too wide. Should we rather talk about a “New Start” for Rotary? Rotary is burden from that some think we do not attract the young people.
The New Generation Fifth Avenue need 100 % support from RI Board and down!

It is absolutely essential that the RI Board stands behind Guidelines for this New Avenue. Guidelines are necessary to help Clubs and Districts to be able how to work together and join the different Programs that exists to-day: Interact, Youth Exchange, Rotaract and RYLA. As this programs works within the 12 to 30-33 years range, maybe also GSE should be included, although this is a Rotary Foundation Program.

There should be an NGA-committee in every Club and District that can work out of these Guidelines. Due to different cultures that exist within Rotary, there should be openings for regional and similar add-ons to fit these needs. The Committees shall have a chairman. One from each of the existent Committees should be included.

The Guidelines has to make it clear that NGA is the possibility to add a strategic plan for involving and keeping contact with youth from Interact to Rotary.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rotary Coordinator Team zone 15, 2010‐11

Rotary Coordinator Matti Honkala D 1400 with assistants Christina Bredin D 2340, Britta Wallgren D 2350 and Risto Muinonen D 1380.
Public image coordinator zone 15 is Stephanie Tsomakaeva, D 2220 .

We are looking forward to supporting to you on issues like:
New generations, Membership development, Strengthening of clubs,Club leadership plan, Strategic planning, Goal setting for clubs,Starting new clubs, and PR activities.

Please invite us to your events:
Matti Honkala,
Christina Bredin,
Britta Wallgren,
Risto Muinonen,
Stephanie Tsomakeva,

Monday, October 11, 2010

End Polio Now

For 18-24 October, in honor of World Polio Day, The Rotary Foundation is offering double Paul Harris Fellow recognition points for online only contributions of US$100 or more for the $200 Million Challenge to eradicate polio. Online contributions can't be made on behalf of another individual, club, or district.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Do you wear your Rotary pin every day?

Some rotarians wear their pin every day, but strangely enough some only wear it at Rotary meetings. This is something you should discuss in your club and agree that wearing the pin at all times is not only good PR for Rotary, but it says a lot about the person wearing it: "You can rely on me, I am dependable, I am reliable, I give more than I take, and I am available. "
So make sure you have a number of different pins to suit every occasion and wear them with pride.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Practical information for clubs and districts

In the September issue of Rotary's new on-line publication "Rotary Leader" you will find a lot of inspiration. This month you can read about best practices for you club website, how you organize a project fair, and how you reach the new generation.
This information will certainly help you in membership development.

Sunday, September 12, 2010

IPDG Virpi

Virpi Honkala served as District Governor in D1400 during the year 2009-2010. Current District Governor in D1400 is Ms. Leila Risteli.

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Membership development

The new Rotary year has only just started and I am sure you have checked that all clubs have a Membership Chair who has made plans for activities and set goals for membership development in the club. I truly believe in the saying: "What gets measured gets done."

There will be a Rotary Coordinator seminar in Alborg, Denmark on October 7, where membership is one important issue that will be discussed. Most districts struggle with membership decrease. How can be turn it into increase?

I recommend that you sign up for this seminar now if you have not done so. It will bring you valuable experience from the training leaders and the other participants. The success of a seminar of this kind always depands on the engagement of the participants, so please prepare yourself to take active part.

Christina Bredin, Assistant to the RC for Membership issues

Wednesday, August 4, 2010


A historical decision was taken at the Council on Legislation April 28, 2010 in Chicago

The decision to establish a FIFTH AVENUE, NEW GENERATIONS, was accepted with happy applauses.

This means that our clubs and district need to start a new committee/project group in addition to those already in existence. The FIVE AVENUES all clubs will
work with are:


The idea with the new service in our clubs and for us Rotarians is to deepen the work and engagement for Rotary´s Programs for the young generation. How can we contribute to this? We need to think how we can involve and invite the young ones in leadership programs, the younger ones to be exchange students or/and participate in our service projects.

To be able to prepare ourselves in the best way for this exciting challenge we invite you to participate in a seminar to develop and expand this new avenue that is so important for Rotary’s growth and future.

We are looking forward to meeting participants from each of the districts in Denmark, Estonia, Finland, Iceland, Lithuania, Latvia, Norway, Poland, Russia, Sweden and Ukraine. Please make sure that your district and club is represented at this important seminar.

Please, look at the invitation to the seminar The Future of Rotary at the website of Rotary Zone Institute in Aalborg. This Seminar takes place on Thursday October 7:th.

Best wishes

Britta Wallgren
Assistant RC Zone 15

Saturday, July 31, 2010

August messages

August is the month of membership in Rotary. According to the statistics of June 30 2010 in Zone 15 we had 237 Rotarians less than in July 1 2009. Districts 1410, 1430, 2220, 2370 and 2400 together had 119 members more at the end of Rotary year as compared to the begining of the year but other districts had a substantial membership decrease. None of our districts reached their membership goals.
Let's share the best ideas, how to make our work and fellowship more attractive to the present and new members! We can do this by presenting examples through this blog. Please, send your ideas to me or to ARCs Britta Wallgren (, Christina Bredin ( or Risto Muinonen ( If your club has a creative approach to attracting a diverse membership, the Leadership Education and Training Division is also interested to learn and publish your best practicies. Please, send the information in that case at as well.

Monday, July 12, 2010

RI Service Above Self Award

Dear Rotarians:
Each day, Rotarians around the world generously give their time
and effort to serve others, often without recognition. Since
1992, the RI Service Above Self Award has honored Rotarians who
demonstrate exemplary humanitarian service and embody our motto
of Service Above Self. This award recognizes Rotarians for their
humanitarian service, rather than their service to Rotary, and
offers a means of honoring those who might otherwise go

In November 2009, the Board amended the recipient award criteria
to make all past RI directors, past RI presidents, and past
Foundation trustees ineligible for consideration. The Service
Above Self Award nomination form includes detailed information
about the selection criteria for award recipients.

The nomination form is available on the RI website, The electronic
form contains fields that will allow you to type directly in the
space provided. Once the form has been saved, it can be sent via
email, regular mail or fax to RI World Headquarters no later than
1 September 2010. Please send completed nomination forms to:

Programs & Presidential Initiatives (PD210)
Rotary International
Fax: (847) 556-2179
1560 Sherman Ave
Evanston, IL 60201-3698, USA

Friday, July 2, 2010

Ideas for the leadership education

Leadership D e v e l o p m e n t,
Your Guide to Starting a Program is produced by the Leadership Education and Training Division of Rotary International.

It can be held as a full-day seminar or as a series of shorter meetings throughout the year, and it can be conducted in person, online, or as a combination of the two. Clubs and districts that use the program should structure it to meet their participants’ needs.
This booklet gives an overview of 10 recommended leadership topics for the program:

Communication skills
Leadership styles
Leading and motivating volunteers
Time management
Goal setting and accountability
Strategic planning
Ethics and The Four-Way Test
Building consensus

This booklet is available at the address:

Thursday, June 3, 2010


Matti works in Raahe District Hospital as chief of internal medicine since 1993.

Matti is a member of Pietari Brahe RC since 1987. He served as the president of his club in 1995-1996 and was elected to serve as district 1400 governor in 2001-2002. Matti was a GSE team leader to D7570 Virginia/ Tennessee, USA in 2005 and served as RI President´s representative to D 2300, Norway in 2008. He is currently the Rotary Foundation Committee Chair of D1400 since 2006 and has served as COL representative in 2010.

Matti is married to Virpi, chief surgeon and medical director of Raahe District Hospital, since 1976.

Virpi is a member of Raahe RC and currently serves as DG D 1400. They have two daughters and one granddaughter.

Matti and Virpi have both participated in many Rotary Conventions, Zone and International Institutes since 2000. They are Major Donors.

Both share keen interest in local and area politics. Matti was the chair of City Council of Raahe in 1997-2000. Travelling and golfing are their hobbies and they are lifelong members of Golfing Rotarians Fellowship.