Thursday, March 31, 2011

President Trainig Seminar in D2410

March 19th DG Mikael Ahlberg, D2410, gathered some of the current Club Presidents to a PTS – President Training Seminar. The seminar was held alongside the ordinary PETS seminar. The idea was to prepare for the third period of the Rotary year and topics as: Membership, Leadership development, How to support the PE:s, The Rotary Foundation and “What will you do after your year as Club President?” were discussed. DG Mikael had invited RC Matti Honkala who, among other things, gave a presentation of the Future Vision Plan. “I hope this kind of meeting will be repeated next year” said one of the Club Presidents immediately after the meeting.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

Local project for Literacy

March is Rotary Literacy month. Let this inspire your club to consider starting a local project for Literacy. Rotarians can cooperate with a school to come every week and help children improve their skills in reading.
Good knowledge in reading and writing is the key for every child to education and a good life.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


It seems so that Rotary International is loosening the leash and encouraging the diversity. It’s not so important to keep up the rules and traditions than adapt to the changing social life styles of modern people. We need new members and future vision to keep up the Service above self.

Greetings from San Diego!

I got the opportunity to serve as an international training leader in the international assembly. Our main duty there was facilitate the training sessions of the incoming district governors

Last summer I got the exiting letter from the RI president elect Kalyan Banerjee. He asked me to serve in the team of 34 training leaders from all the corners of the Rotary world. After having answered ”yes” started the preparations. Several letters and loads of information went over the oceans and continents. Team spirit was one of the most important areas of focus to create. It was more than important to feel proud to be part of the Monty’s Eh team. Monty Audenart and his wife Liz were our team leaders during the assembly.

Finally 10.1.2011 we arrived to San Diego and our own training started. Long working days with excellent trainers and supporting team mates filled the first days of the week and the night times we were preparing our flip charts and training sessions for the next day. The joy and fun were home hospitality hours every evening singing and enjoying. But these were only short breaks in the program. The training was very effective and useful also for my private and business life.

Finally we got in to the right stuff and met ”our students” the incoming governors The DGE: s in Rotary language. Every trainer had 2-3 group discussions to facilitate every day. The RI officials checked 6.45 every morning that you had made your classroom ready with all the decorations. Then was time for breakfast and feedback from yesterday’s experiences. After the inspirational speech was time to hurry back to business. Evening duties were to serve as table host in official dinners and festivities.

The time was flying and so did we with the help and support of the RI officials and our trainers. The Rotary spirit in the Monty’s Eh team was the main spice in the assembly.

My personal duty was to conduct the English speaking groups and my ”students” made it easy for me. They were active and loaded with Rotary knowledge. I was just trying to keep everyone involved and take care that cultural differences did not disturb the situation.

Two weeks were over sooner than expected and I was flying home loaded with unforgettable memories. This was the high light of my Rotary career and I’m thankful to everyone who have supported me trough my years in the Rotary service.

Veli-Matti ”Vellu Heinijoki”

PDG D 1380

Member of the Rotary Club of Tampere International