Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rotary Seminar New Generations, Aalborg, Denmark October 7, 2010

At the Council on Legislation in April in Chicago a Fifth Avenue, New Generations was adopted. The aim of this Seminar had several goals. To suggest some ideas to create topics on which Guidelines for this new Avenue can operate. To get inputs from the participants to get some basics for these New Guidelines. And get examples of how
cooperations between the four Youth Programs are already in function.

The future for Rotary lies in attracting the young generation. There is a fear that “old Rotary” and NGA already became too wide. Should we rather talk about a “New Start” for Rotary? Rotary is burden from that some think we do not attract the young people.
The New Generation Fifth Avenue need 100 % support from RI Board and down!

It is absolutely essential that the RI Board stands behind Guidelines for this New Avenue. Guidelines are necessary to help Clubs and Districts to be able how to work together and join the different Programs that exists to-day: Interact, Youth Exchange, Rotaract and RYLA. As this programs works within the 12 to 30-33 years range, maybe also GSE should be included, although this is a Rotary Foundation Program.

There should be an NGA-committee in every Club and District that can work out of these Guidelines. Due to different cultures that exist within Rotary, there should be openings for regional and similar add-ons to fit these needs. The Committees shall have a chairman. One from each of the existent Committees should be included.

The Guidelines has to make it clear that NGA is the possibility to add a strategic plan for involving and keeping contact with youth from Interact to Rotary.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rotary Coordinator Team zone 15, 2010‐11

Rotary Coordinator Matti Honkala D 1400 with assistants Christina Bredin D 2340, Britta Wallgren D 2350 and Risto Muinonen D 1380.
Public image coordinator zone 15 is Stephanie Tsomakaeva, D 2220 .

We are looking forward to supporting to you on issues like:
New generations, Membership development, Strengthening of clubs,Club leadership plan, Strategic planning, Goal setting for clubs,Starting new clubs, and PR activities.

Please invite us to your events:
Matti Honkala,
Christina Bredin,
Britta Wallgren,
Risto Muinonen,
Stephanie Tsomakeva,

Monday, October 11, 2010

End Polio Now

For 18-24 October, in honor of World Polio Day, The Rotary Foundation is offering double Paul Harris Fellow recognition points for online only contributions of US$100 or more for the $200 Million Challenge to eradicate polio. Online contributions can't be made on behalf of another individual, club, or district.