Saturday, October 16, 2010

The Rotary Coordinator Team zone 15, 2010‐11

Rotary Coordinator Matti Honkala D 1400 with assistants Christina Bredin D 2340, Britta Wallgren D 2350 and Risto Muinonen D 1380.
Public image coordinator zone 15 is Stephanie Tsomakaeva, D 2220 .

We are looking forward to supporting to you on issues like:
New generations, Membership development, Strengthening of clubs,Club leadership plan, Strategic planning, Goal setting for clubs,Starting new clubs, and PR activities.

Please invite us to your events:
Matti Honkala,
Christina Bredin,
Britta Wallgren,
Risto Muinonen,
Stephanie Tsomakeva,

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