Sunday, November 28, 2010

Roray information and services from RC team

If nothing happens in the clubs, nothing will happen in Rotary. The future growth and development of Rotary can only happen in the clubs, in strong and active clubs. Many clubs will need support from their district to become strong and active. Therefore Rotary International has appointed Rotary Coordinators who have been trained to give support to the districts in this important job. There is one Rotary Coordinator (RC) appointed for each zone and the RC has a team of three assistants. In our zone 15 my team members are Christina Bredin, Britta Wallgren and Risto Muinonen.

The Rotary Coordinator team is there to support you. We are ready to come to your seminars, PETS, district assemblies, or any other event to give a speech, lead a discussion group and cooperate with you according to your wishes. We are all on Skype, so you can easily give us a call when you need a discussion partner.

The topics we cover are: New generations, Membership development, Strengthening of clubs,Club leadership plan, Strategic planning, Goal setting for clubs,Starting new clubs, and PR activities.

On our Rotary Coordinator blog you will find useful information and links. So sign up to become a Follower. We want to keep in touch with you.

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