Tuesday, November 23, 2010

A Monthly E-Newsletter for Rotary Leaders from RRFC Zone 15 Matti Wall

Your governor training in San Diego is just behind the corner. I suppose you have began your planning for your Governor year 2011-2012 with meetings and other preparations for your year as governors. Our Rotary Foundation is an important part of what you will deal with the coming Rotary year, and I would like to remind you of a few points to bear in mind during your preparations:
1. When you set the foundation goals for your district in San Diego, try to increase a little bit from the goals your predecessor set. You can discuss with present DG and your DRFC, see what the results in your districts have been the last years and then make up your mind as to what figures should be your goals. You can also ask your ARRFCs and get advice from them. You can find your ARRFC on the left side of this sheet.
2. I hope your goals would include
I. Try to find one new Major Donor
II. You would include Polio 200 million Challenge at least one PHF from each club
3. Make sure that you involve or at least inform your present DGN about your goalsetting.
4. Be aware of the four different funds:
1. Polio
2. Annual Programs Fund - VERY IMPORTANT
3. Peace Centers
4. Permanent Fund
5. Make yourself familiar with the foundation - OUR foundation - and see how the figures increase during the year, and try to be familiar with the webpage, member access.
The hole letter is available at: http://ridbarry.no/files/cms_userfile/1_Letter_Nov_2010-1.pdf

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